Local Government

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Organisation Chart

The main functions of BDA are as follows:-

1. Coordination of Development Activities

  • acts as a project coordinator to facilitate the provision of public facilities and services
  • collaborates with other departments and agencies at the implementation stage to ensure the smooth
  • implementation of the various projects.

2. LandUse Planning and Administration
  • plans and administers the land that falls within the designated area
  • processes all applications for land to ensure that land use conforms to the planning of the area.

3. Local Authority Functions

Performs the local authority functions in Bintulu which include the followings:-

  • Town cleaning works
  • Grass cutting works
  • Maintenance of recreational facilities, parks and landscaped areas
  • Road construction and maintenance
  • Drain cleaning
  • Scavanging works
  • Enforcement of Local Authority By-laws
  • Sanitation works, etc.
Vertical Line 4. Social and Sports Projects
  • Built sports facilities such as tennis and basketball courts, the outdoor stadium complete with an Olympic standard running track & football field and a sports hall.
  • Undertakes the construction of recreational facilities such as the RM3 million public swimming pool, the 18 hole golf course, the RM2 million Wildlife Park, etc.
  • The construction of various social and community projects which include the Dewan Suarah, Community Halls, Mosque, modern markets and hawker centres, traffic garden, etc.

5. Industrial Estate Development
  • Developed the following three industrial estates complete with infrastructure and utilities to cater for the needs of the industrialists:
    • Bintulu Light Industrial Estate for small factories
    • Kidurong Light Industrial Estate for light and medium-scale industries
    • Kemena Industrial Estate for timber-based industries and related timber activities.

6. Commercial Buildings Development
  • Builds commercial shophouses through subsidiary companies and/or on joint-venture with local developers.
7. Housing Development
  • Staff quarters
  • Public Housing e.g. Low-Cost Houses

8. Landscaping & Beautification
  • Develop, Manage, beautify and exercies general supervision over special areas situated within its area of jurisdication.
  • Stimulate public interest in the conservation and protection of greens.
  • Encourage the use and development of public parks for the purposes of recreation and tourism.
  • Preserve and protect greens in the public parks.
For more information, you may write to us at the address below :

General Manager
Bintulu Development Authority
P. O. Box 55
97007 Bintulu, Sarawak
Tel: (60)86 - 332011
Fax: (60)86 - 332255