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About Ninth Division - Bintulu

Kuala Nyalau瓜拉達島水村Tatau Disrict達島縣
Bintulu Town民都魯市中心Sebauh Sub-disctrict實巴荷副縣
Kuala Nyalau瓜拉達島水村
Kuala Nyalau瓜拉達島水村
Kuala Nyalau瓜拉達島水村
Kuala Nyalau瓜拉達島水村

As the Ninth Division of Sarawak, Bintulu is desiganated an area of a total 12,515 square kilometres which includes five kilometres offshore. Bintulu is the name of a coastal town and an administrative devision in Central Sarawak.

It can be reached in 70 minutes by air from Kuching, the State Capital. Sibu or Miri is 35 minutes by air. Bintulu can also be reached by road. Sibu is 130 miles away and Miri, 143 miles.

Adminstratively, Bintulu is sub-divided to Sebauh Sub-district and Tatau District.

The BDA is the agent of development in an area comprising the Ninth Division of Sarawak. This area has been declared the designated area of the BDA.

As a regional developer, the BDA has autonomous power to conduct its affairs in the designated area. The BDA functions like the SEDCs ( Sarawak Economic Development Corporation) found in all the 13 states in Malaysia, including the functions usually carried out by municipalities.

The SEDC, therefore, operates throughout the rest of Sarawak except Bintulu. In addiction, the BDA has a say in land matters such as siting, land premium and land use in its designated area.

At the moment, development is concentrated on an area covering 330 square kilometres centred around Bintulu. Billions had been spent on the industrial projects and the infrastructure in Bintulu in the last two decades.

Bintulu is poised for further development. its vast natural gas resource offers opportunities in petro-chemincal development. Its coal and silica sand deposits can be exploited for downstream actitivities. The vast agricultural land found around Bintulu can be turned into cocoa and oil palm estates.

In addition, the interior of Bintulu contains one of the best timber resource in Sarawak. Timber-based industries can be set up to capitalise on abundant timber resource and the excellent infrastructure facilities in Bintulu.